17 Kasım 2009 Salı

uygulayabilene aşkolsun.

Inner Peace and Protection - Step1

Let every day begin with a 'good morning' to the self, to God and to life. The first thought of the day gives me power and peace.

Inner Power and Protection - Step 2

Everything, everyone is my teacher. No matter how difficult, how unexpected, how unwanted, since it has come into my life, I ask myself, "What do I learn now?"

Inner Power and Protection - Step 3

Every two hours, I put a brake on my mind and tongue and become quiet: just a minute to be peaceful. I stop, relax, recharge and then re-enter the flow of daily activities.

Inner Power and Protection - Step 4

I 'put a fullstop' as soon as I see myself complaining and blaming. These two habits destroy my inner power completely, because they show I am still expecting solutions and changes from others.

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